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Monday, February 19 News

Darien's Dey joins CT Challenge

Pamela Dey, of Darien, has joined CT Challenge as director of marketing, communications and digital strategy, a new position.

Dey brings more than 20 years experience in brand building and sales-generating program development using a range of cross-media marketing, promotion and communication tactics to the CT Challenge, where she is charged with expanding the reach of its health, wellness and nutrition programs to a broader audience of cancer survivors.

She will also work in tandem with Lee Crouch, CT Challenge director of development, to create cause marketing programs and sponsorship opportunities.

Prior to the CT Challenge, Dey spent most of her career in the private sector, serving companies across a variety of industries in marketing, promotion and creative leadership roles at Time Inc., Meredith, Westport-based WMI and Web startup mysportsguru.com. Most recently, she was director of development, marketing and communication at SKIP of New York, a nonprofit group devoted to helping sick and disabled children.

"When cancer patients finish treatment, there's nearly nothing for them, unlike cardiac patients, for example, who go straight to cardiac rehab," Dey said. "Yet, many are left ravaged not only by the cancer they fought but also by the very treatment they need to save their lives. It's appalling, especially when you see how much exercise, the right foods, wellness and community support programs can do to help survivors get their lives back. The CT Challenge is giving survivors this knowledge -- through an actual location, its website and other outreach efforts."

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The CT Challenge delivers the hands-on help cancer survivors need to blast the effects of the disease from their bodies and minds through fitness, nutrition, wellness and community support programs.

For information, visit www.ctchallenge.org.